Monthly Archives: November 2011

Comparision of Openfiler & FreeNAS

Those of us looking into a cheaper alternative for centralized storage system should be looking into two open source solutions that can turn any old PCs into a functional network attached storage (NAS) as well as storage area network (SAN) devices.  As of this writing, both of these solutions are free to download and use with Openfiler giving support and documentation at additional cost to the user.

I am running Openfiler as a SAN in my VMWare virtualization lab.  It can be installed on a bare PC or can also be installed on virtual server.

For comparison of the two solutions, i am posting the following websites which have a fair comparison of the two solutions.



Saving your Putty sessions

If you are an administrator who have saved hundreds of telnet & ssh putty sessions like me, then it becomes important is to have your sessions backed up to a safe place.  Otherwise if things go wrong or you upgrade your PC, you will end up typing and saving all of your connections from scratch again.

As i was searching the web on how to export these sessions, i came across a website that has a good illustrations on how to do that so i am posting it here for my future reference and sharing it with others.